Our Mission for Brands

We help brands reach out to users who would benefit the most from their marketing. We work with users to better understand the existing advertising landscape of a brand and its competitors, to design the most relevant ad content, and to measure the effectiveness of such content in terms of true ROI. With these insights, we aim to help brands advertise more effectively.

Case Study: Proving Branded Content Works

Hearst Digital Media wanted to increase ad spend year over year for their branded content campaigns by proving that branded content was more effective than run of site advertising. In partnership with OpenUp, Hearst ran a data sharing campaign to assess online shopping lift for one of their large beauty advertisers. Hearst was able to show a strong lift in online shopping for not one, but two different advertisers through the insights obtained via the OpenUp platform.

  • Assessing if consumers were shopping online for a specific beauty product after branded content exposure
  • Comparing the performance of branded content with run of site advertising
  • A solution that could provide insights for both mobile and desktop browsing
  • Incentivized over a 1000 Hearst readers to share data with gift cards and products
  • Exposed one group of users to content
  • Tracked online shopping at the product and brand level across ecommerce sites
  • 47% increase in online shopping for the advertised brand if readers saw branded content
  • 22% increase in online shopping for another Hearst branded content campaign
  • 2X more likely to create a shopping cart if exposed to branded content
  • 100 different cosmetic brands identified as popular with Hearst readers